Wayback Thursday – Love Brigade IV

This week we travel wayback somewhere around late September 2007 to Love Brigade Episode IV.  Love Brigade was the subject of many of the early New Pop webisodes.  They will always have a special place in New Pop lore not only because their founder Alyssa Key is as smart as a whip and a babe, but also because it was while shooting them in the summer of 2006 that I had a Eureka moment that would define The New Pop brand. I had been producing short videos online in some form or another since 2002 always with the intent of publishing via traditional media.  At some point while documenting Love Brigade I decided that I would make the net my target platform of distribution and expression.  There were other sites like Atomic films who were supposed to be outlets for indie filmmakers, but they were run by the same guys who ran the traditional media platforms and frankly they just did not get it. The focus of sites like Atomic was to use the net as a platform to find traditional distribution channels for filmmakers.  It was film producers networking with filmmakers.  It was not art, it was not music, it was not fashion, it was not organic, it was not us.  To me the net was a platform for expression. I will never forget the rush I felt when I realized that I could bypass the old media gatekeepers who ran the festival circuits and express myself to a new audience. There was no turning back after that and New Pop Media was born.

This particular episode is the fourth in the series of five that I shot about Love Brigade.  I posted the others on youtube but this is the one that did not pass the youtube copyright restrictions.  Please excuse the jittery player, and broken links.  Our player was custom built and many of the original files have moved or are lost.  So without further ado, Wayback from September, 2007 Love Brigade IV

Wayback Trivia: Back in 2005 when Thenewpop.com was thenewpopsensation.com we were the first site to use rotating video banners. I called them popshots.  All the rage now. Innovative, yes!


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