Wayback Thursday’s ’07 – Junk Science Grand’dad’s Nerve Tonic

This week on Wayback Thursday I take you back to October of 2007 and one of my favorite video profiles.  It comes from the Junk Science crew.  What I liked most about this video other than the dope tracks is that this crew represented a part of New York that is under-represented in Hip Hop, the outer-boro white local.  I was raised in inner city Brooklyn but bused out to Sheepshead Bay for my High School years.  So that vibe is pretty familiar to me.  There is a huge difference between white guys trying to be black, and white guys who love hip hop but maintain their whiteness.  The former feels dis-genuine and sometimes patronizing while the latter adds to the diversity that is NY in general and Hip Hop in particular.

With this episode Junk Science took us on a behind the scenes tour at the Sixpoint Craft Ales Brewery to see the production of their own Brew Grand’dad’s Nerve Tonic named after their album.  What was really cool about this video was mid-shoot I decided to turn it into a music-mentory.  They way it happened is that Baje One put on his track from the album during a break in shooting and starting lip syncing and I just rolled with it. It looked so good that I thought that we should do that with more tracks.  We had allot of fun with that and it comes across on this video.


Wayback Trivia: My very first shoot as thenewpop was in 2005 for the Willy-B festival/Block Party which you can now see on youtube. It took over the entire block on North 6th between Kent and Wythe and took place in what is now the Williamsburg Music Hall and Public Assembly.  As insane as it sounds I was the only videographer on-site to document the entire daylong event that included dozens of acts and artists.

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