A Very Special Tiny Feature Saturday – Final Cut Pro X

This week we bring you a very special TFS episode.  From the Supermeet Las Vegas Nab 2011 these videos feature what I describe as nothing short of a revolution in New Media.  It is Final Cut X.  I am not one to get overly excited over product releases be it cell phones, games, sneakers, or even movies for that matter. However while watching the presentation below I was literally jumping and cheering in my apartment.

Final Cut X is a video editors wet dream.  With FCP X Apple went back to the drawing board and pretty much made sense of the editing process.  Revamping the way it handles image quality, color correction, organization, and editing on the timeline.  No more worrying about knocking clips out of place, automatic audio sync, auto color matching, rendering in the background, a new magnetic timeline that groups and matches clips, an incredible new interface and a bunch of other revolutionary features.  This is a game changer.

Video is arguably the most relevant form of media today and with FCP X Apple has solidified it’s place in the New Media landscape.  FCP X will be available in June for the insanely affordable price of $299.  I almost started crying when I heard this.  I am buying this one.  Anyone who knows me knows I never buy programs so this is saying allot.  So without further ado, here it is, the most exciting product launch in New Media since Final Cut Pro first launched in 1999.


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