Wayback Thursday’s – Yours Truly Brand

This week on Wayback Thursday I bring you a gem from July of 2008 featuring the Yours Truly Brand store opening. This is one of several indie establishments that reside along with TheNewPop on the still relatively unknown “B.E.L.T” (Below The ELevated Train) on Broadway in South Williamsburg.  A few others are Mishka, The KDU, The Trophy Bar, Moto, The Beauty Bar Brooklyn, Yours Truly and my personal favorite, Frenchies Gym. We all share the common bond of living underneath the steel canopy of the JMZ line.  It isn’t as bad as you think, plus the “condo-proof” elevated line pretty much puts a cap on the level of gentrification that will ever invade my beloved strip of Williamsburg.  We literally live on the “other side of the tracks”.

Wayback Trivia: In 2005 I started a series of  short video clips that I titled Pop Spots.  The idea was to display short non-narrative random moments of the streets of New York with only ambient noise as it’s soundtrack.  I wanted to replicate the photo experience with video. Unknowingly to me at the time a considerable portion of those Pop Spots are of  a pre-condo Williamsburg.  One day I hope to republish that video series.


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