Wayback Thursday – Korrupt Chinatown | 3 Years Ago Today Where Were You?

This week on the Wayback Machine we rewind to an event that took place in May 2008 at a party organized by the folks at Mean Red called Korrupt.  I think this was the first party held at the Chinatown Mall called 88 Palace.  This video features the Retro Kids who were blowing up at the time.  At the time they were rumored to have a cable show in the works, but seemingly so was everyone else in the scene.  At the beginning of this video I pay homage to a famous video clip from The Doors Live from Europe 1968, and then it somehow turned into an impromptu music video.  The party itself was pretty spectacular featuring lots of random makeout sessions, lots of free booze, and lots of good music. It was an indication of the insane summer of ’08 that was awaiting us.  More on that next week.


Wayback Trivia:  There is a picture floating around out there from this party of one of the girls in the video eating my face.  She is literally digesting me.  If you know where too look you can probably find it pretty easily. Oh those were the days : )

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