Tiny Feature Saturday’s – SoLost: The Holy Land Of Cinema?

This video courtesy of Dave Anderson features The Alamo Drafthouse in Austin Texas.  This one of a kind theatre is kind of like The Prairie Home Companion for the theatre going crowd.  According to the vimeo page…

“From Master Pancake Theater to Hecklevision to Sing-Alongs and Quote-Alongs; from nighttime “Jaws” screenings from inner tubes on a lake to a car-eating Robosauras breathing fire in their parking lot to Leonard Nimoy shocking fans with a surprise world premiere of the new Star Trek, this is a spot where every day brings a grand new film event.”

They also have an aggressive policy on talking during their films.  According to the founder and CEO Tim League

“If you talk… we’ll warn you sternly, if we have to warn you a second time that warning will say ‘If I am coming back, you are leaving,’ there is no third warning.  And If I need to bring the police in, I will bring the police.”


Rumor has it they will be bringing their show to New York and Los Angeles in 2011.



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