Wayback Thursday’s – PS-1 “Love Is In The Air”

This week we take the Wayback machine to January of 2007 and a video that was shot during the summer of 2006 at PS-1.  This video holds a special place in the New Pop storyline because it is the first time my former partner Tone and I shot an assignment together.  I was doing a video profile of the band Kudu who were headlining that day and I invited Tone who I met a few weeks earlier on myspace to join me.  We were both just discovering our love for photo and video and everything we covered seemed new and exciting.  The energy we documented that day at PS-1 was arguably the most joyous we both encountered for many years to come. Back then it was all about capturing people having a good time and documenting people dancing.  Capturing the energy of movement defined both our styles for years to come.

Another thing that made this video special was the last shot you see on this video.  Every great party has that moment when the energy builds so much momentum that it explodes into one climactic moment. It can take hours, but when it happens you and everyone around you knows it and it becomes one shared orgasmic experience. Well I was fortunate enough to have anticipated that moment and to be in the right place at the right time to document it.  As the sun was setting over PS-1 I panned down keeping my hand steady (since I had no tripod) when right at the chorus the entire court with hands raised high yelled in unison with the track of the same name “Love Is In The Air!”  Tone and I just looked at each other amazed at the power of that moment. To date it is the arguably the most magical single moment I captured on camera.

If this post seems more sentimental than usual it is because as some of you know Tone and I had our relationship take a turn for the worse a few years back and haven’t seen each other since.  Two days ago I accepted an invitation from Tone to attend an amazing event that he created called Live at The Loft. It will be the first time in over two years that we will see each other.  This reunion will also be attended by our third former partner Texas who is a producer on the show.  I can’t remember the last time the three of us were all together.  We have traveled different paths in the past few years but despite our differences our ups and downs our successes and failures we will always share a bond that can’t be broken by time or circumstance. When you boil it down the story of The New Pop was if nothing else a love story between three friends, their cameras, and the city.  What we have learned from each other over those formative years feeds much of what we do today, for that I am eternally grateful.


Wayback Triva: This shoot was also our first encounter with Margot Silvera who was promoting a dance rally protesting the cabaret laws that were killing nightlife at the time.  The following week Tone and I did our second video together at this rally in front of Mayor Bloomberg’s residence titled “Dance If You Dare!”  Today Margot is an entertainment attorney who represents TheNewPop among others.

Movies from the Wayback Machine are particularly buggy.  You may need to refresh a few times to see movie window.

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