The Videographers Guide To Not Falling On Your New Media Face – The Avant-garde?

I have spent allot of time discussing the commercial side of New Media.  Giving advice and anecdotes about how to make it by crossing your t’s and dotting your i’s.  But what about the art?  In the end isn’t it all about branding through art?  New Media videographers are the latest vanguards of the filmmaking genre, arguably becoming the quintessential avant-garde artists of our generation.  Producing work that is both non-conformist and socially edgy.  

Some may argue that to be truly avant-garde one must totally disregard anything commercial.  I argue that this is not always the case. Was Henri_de_Toulouse-Lautrec any less avant-garde because his illustrations of French Bohemian lifestyle were advertisements for venues like the Moulin Rouge?  Was Helmut Newton any less of an avant-garde artist because he worked for French Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar?  I am aware that in most cases (present company included), other than the genre there isn’t anything particularly avant-garde about New Media content.  However every now and then I will find commercial work that pushes the boundaries and should be considered avant-garde. Here are a few examples…

Marcelo Burlon: “Marcelo Does Milan” – This video originally published on The New York Times website profiles the editor in Chief at Rodeo Magazine Marcelo Burlon. I love the way Marcelo and his circle of friends and artists embrace and own their inner Zoolander.

Cass Bird: “Sophomore” – This film made for the Sophomore brand is a fascinating look at local NY kids hanging out in Coney Island. There is a unpretentious unapologetic confidence that jumps off the screen and draws you in by giving us a refreshing look at NYC on one summer day.

Ruth Hogben: “Gareth Pugh S/S 2011″ –  This Fashion film Starring Kristen McMenamy directed by Fashion Film pioneer Ruth Hogben’s captivated hundreds of editors, buyers and other industry insiders at Paris Fashion Week, where it was projected at giant scale in the Palais Omnisports in Bercy.

Merlin Bronques: “London Fields” – The photographer behind the Hipster blogging site Lastnightsparty has been directing videos for quite some time now.  His eye for capturing the cool and the sexy in a non sequitur format is the embodiment of the New Media avant-garde artist.

Hopefully you found this post as inspiring and informative as I did.

Next Week: How do I get “it!”

Trevor “Trevz” Bayack is a Brooklyn-born filmmaker who approaches his web pieces as mini documentaries. Recognized as a member of the 2008 URB magazine Next 100 for pioneering the “video blog” Trevz continually makes his pieces shorter, sharper and ever more shareable” Follow thenewpop twitter feed for more.

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