I.D.W.P. – A Shining Example of The Avant-Garde at work in New Media

This past Friday on The Videographers Guide I spoke about branded video and how it is possible to be avant-garde in a commercial environment.  The following video by Benjamin Robinson produced for Edwin Jeans is an amazing example of how the web provides a platform for corporations to build its brand in an artistic and avant-garde medium.  As they describe it…

“A collection inspired by individuals living their lives in Edwin. Personal life experiences etched into the grain of the fabric… Motorcycle references pepper the collection…  A sense of freedom, and of sharing with others the same need for flight and independence. Customisation of ones own motorcycle parallels breaking in ones own denims, unique in spirit.”

I was moved by both the visuals, and the “Mortocycle Song” by Arlo Guthrie.  What an amazing example of creating a mood and having the courage to let it build and play out over six minutes.  This is something that could not and would not be attempted in old media.  New Media has created its own rules and its own artists, this video embodies the avant-garde approach of today’s videographer.


Courtesy of Hypebeast


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