Wayback Thursday’s 2007 – Frenchies Gym

This week we take the Wayback machine to December of 2007 and one of the more popular episodes posted on this site Frenchie’s Gym.   Frenchie who has been in the neighborhood for almost 40 years has seen his rents rise dramatically partly due to gentrification.  The locals who view Frenchie as a father figure do what they can to support him.  Sure Frenchie doesn’t have the amenities like TV’s, Air Conditioning, or Aerobic classes, but what he lacks in perks he more than makes up for in love.  There aren’t any gyms I know of where members spontaneously shout out to each other… “Papi, I Love You!”  I have been a member of this gym since 2007 and there were times when I stopped going due to laziness or tight finances, and each and every time after a few weeks I would get a call from Frenchie telling me to get my ass in the gym or to pay when I can.  A true Williamsburg icon.


Wayback Trivia; Frenchie still remains open but the struggle continues month to month.  If you are interested in joining Frenchie’s gym his daily and monthly rates are super affordable.  Located at 303 Broadway it’s worth the visit. Or you can call and speak to Frenchie yourself – (718) 384-9461 It’s worth it just to hear Frenchie answer the phone.



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