The Videographers Guide To Not Falling On Your New Media Face – On Time Is Late

Let me start by saying over the past month or so it has been increasingly difficult to post these Videographer Guide entries due to my recent workload, so until further notice I am going to make these shorter.  Maybe that is a good thing : )

There use to be a saying on the film sets I worked on – “Early is on time, on time is late, and late is unheard of“. To be fair I will mention that I am freakishly punctual.  In elementary school for two years in a row I literally won awards from the city of New York for not missing a day of school.  In 10 years of working on film sets where the start times were between 5AM and 7AM I was 5 minutes late twice. So when I say that it is hard for me to understand why people don’t simply use the strategy of delivering on time as a key strategy of success, you can understand that this is coming from the anal guy who is almost never late.

Does this work?

If you have ever had the privilege of working on the client side of the equation you will better understand why being on time is such a critical trait.  In my experience as a client most independent contractors will not only fail to deliver on a date but will fail to update you when they are late.  For some reason they don’t recognize that the client is relying on you so that they can deliver to their clients, who are probably relying on them to deliver to even more clients. How one fails to make this connection is beyond beyond.  But it happens many more times than it doesn’t.  I try to rationalize why one would exhibit such behavior.  Maybe they are a fan of Hollywood movies where the talented but temperamental artist climbs the ranks fueled by his bad boy aura.  Or maybe they have bigger fish to fry and the clients work falls through the cracks.  Or maybe they were raised by a pack of wolves who can’t grasp the concept of time.  Whatever the reason, the fact of the matter is that being on time is one of the more valuable traits you can have in your arsenal simply because so many others don’t.   If clients can refer to you as “The On Time Guy” trust me you will probably have a pretty strong portfolio.

Trevor “Trevz” Bayack is a Brooklyn-born filmmaker who approaches his web pieces as mini documentaries. Recognized as a member of the 2008 URB magazine Next 100 for pioneering the “video blog” Trevz continually makes his pieces shorter, sharper and ever more shareable” Follow thenewpop twitter feed for more.


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