Wayback Thursday’s 2007 – Down And Derby Rollerskating Party

Out of the hundreds of videos that I made during those early party days at The New Pop there are 3 or 4 that will always hold a special place in my heart. This is one of them. The event was called Down & Derby and it was one of those events in which the incredible buzz would only be exceeded by the energy of the night. Organized by Vince Masi this event was a masterstroke of sorts, Vince combined a roller derby vibe with the popular American Apparel hipster style that was at it’s high point 4 or 5 years ago.  It was as if Vince gave the hipster set a venue in which they could parody themselves (you will never get them to admit this of course) and exhale if just for one night.  The week leading up to the event, even the coolest of the cool were calling me trying to get on the guests lists. And from the moment we arrived at the venue Studio B (the hot venue in Brooklyn at the time) there was a palpable energy in the air and a line that went down the block for most of the night.  So many of our new friends from the scene were in attendance. There were DJ’s, musicians, bloggers, fashionistas, promoters, and if you weren’t there, you probably heard about it and regretted missing it.  It was the place to be that night, the photos and video Tone and I captured still holds up as some of the best I remember.


Wayback Trivia: The last scene in this video in which Tone tosses New Pop stickers in the air was our little experiment in Hipster complacency.  The resulting smugness exhibited by the folks who we knew would detest our attempts to make them exert any unnecessary energy or public displays of excitement could not be scripted any better.  The audio and visual reactions from those on and off camera are like a scene from the IFC hipster parody show Portlandia.  Even more credit to Vince for getting these very same folks to put on the skates, drop the ‘tude and party!

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