The Videographers Guide To Not Falling On Your New Media Face – Signing Off

This is my last entry in The Videographers Guide series.  I have seen significant growth in my client base over the last year and I now find myself in a position where to maintain the level of quality that clients have come to expect from TheNewPop I have to manage my growth.  A task that I have found increasingly challenging in recent months.  As well as providing content for the New Media Geek set, this blog has been one of the primary tools of staying in touch with old clients and reaching out to new ones.  Now that I am shifting my focus from accelerated growth to managed growth the need for me to maintain the daily blogging schedule is not only no longer necessary, but it eats into time that can be better spent on new ideas and better videos.  As a result I am decreasing the number of times I publish on this blog each week.  The Videographers Guide as well as Tiny Feature Saturday’s will be the first casualties of this strategic and creative shift.

For those of you who have been following each new post and giving me feedback, I appreciate all the likes, comments and retweets.  I always held the belief that connecting with 10 people who get it is more artistically rewarding and financially beneficial than connecting with 200 people who don’t.  For the New Media videographers who used this guide as your blueprint for your fledgling careers in this emerging market, I have these final words;

Keep your overhead low, your spirits high, and remember that in the end you do this because you love it. If the love isn’t there it’s way to tough to find motivation to succeed without that passion. Enjoy the journey and don’t ever let a client convince you that you need them more than they need you.  


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