Hard to believe it’s been 10 years since 9-11-01. Ten years ago on a day in which the skies were every much as blue as they are today, I was listening to Howard Stern when he reported that a plane hit the WTC. Thinking that it was an accident until suddenly at 9:03 AM on the TV screen you could see an explosion. I remember the news anchors thinking that it was a replay of the first plane hitting the tower. When I realized that it was not a replay it was my first realization that our world had just changed.

I ran to the corner where I had a clear vantage point of the towers to see the first tower fall. Every single day for almost two years I would dwell on that day not knowing if I would ever be the same, if NY or this nation would ever be the same. Ten years later as I see the Freedom tower take it’s physical, spiritual and psychological place of it’s graceful predecessor I feel like a piece of my spirit that was lost on that day rises with every floor of the New One World Trade center. I would like to take this 10th anniversary to remember that day, but more importantly to look forward. It’s a metaphoric exhale that I didn’t think would take 10 years to achieve but it did, and it feels good.


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