Sep 11

Wayback Thursday’s 2008 – Electric Punnany

This week we take the Wayback machine to August of 2008 and Electric Punanny at Sway.  For a couple of years Sway was the place to be on a Monday night.  Roxy Cottontail who was the personality behind Sway hired my former partner Tone as the in house photographer.  During Tone’s residency Sway went from being a nice mellow place to hang out on Monday’s, to a booze and drug filled affair with some of the dirtiest dancing ever documented on camera.  Eventually Tone partnered with Jasmine Salano and Melo-X to form their own Sway party and called it Electric Punanny.  Spinning a combination of Electro and Reggae that turned up the dial up on grit and grind scale past 11.

Now all this time despite many invites from Tone I had yet to head out to Sway myself.  I just assumed that Sway would always be there and I would get around to it.  Plus after years of seeing this amazing world through Tone’s eyes, I wanted to make sure that if I go I would be ready to tell the story the way I thought it needed to be told.  The resulting video was one in which I captured the dark, grinding, heartbeat that existed inside the walls of Sway, as well as the colorful lively energy that took place right outside it’s doors.  To this date it is one the best event portraits produced on this site.


Wayback Trivia:  In the months following the Electric Punanny video Tone started a video series titled Sway Kids.  It is a brilliant series that captures the world outside of Sway in a non sequitur staccato stream of thought style.  He probably didn’t know it then but this series documents the last days of the golden years (and I do mean years) of that legendary weekly party.