pluggedin episode 3 – Facebook vs. Google+

In this Episode of pluggedin Luna Vega and I decided take on the G+ vs. Facebook debate. Our guests panel included Bianca Bosker of the Huffington Post, Brian McDaniel of Dean Levitt of and Jay Baer of

All shot with laptop cameras using Google+ hangouts, I took what was a 40 minute debate and edited it down to 6 key minutes of points and counterpoints. if you are interested in seeing the entire debate you can via our new live stream feed.

Editing in this style is the closest thing to painting that I have ever done. It involves creating multiple layers of video and sound weaved together in a way that allows you the viewer to gain a better understanding of the issues and at the same time gain an appreciation for the lo-fi beauty that is video chat.

So sit back and enjoy our lovely experiment, and don’t forget to vote for the person you think gave the winning argument on our Facebook link.



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