FCPX – Finally Ready For Primetime

On my last trial run of FCPX I lost an entire project because my files disconnected due to changed meta data and FCPX did not have a file reconnect feature. Prior to that I tried to edit two or three other projects only to be met with constant roadblocks. It prompted me to shut it down, go back to the old reliable FCP7 and post this article on this blog Not Even Ready For Daytime.

Recently I was informed by my colleagues of some promising updates that may make it worth my while to give it another whirl.  So I decided to throw caution to the wind and test it on a paid gig from a corporate client that I was 3/4 of the way through. I backed my project up and went to town.  Using the brilliant pluggin 7toX to seamlessly convert that project to one that could be edited in FCPX I was ready to go.  After a few hours of familiarizing myself to the interface again and downloading the Magic Bullet update that makes it compatible with FCPX, by day’s end I was whizzing around that magical timeline with confidence and joy. Other than the animations which I am doing over the next few days and the color correction I am happy to say FCPX is finally ready for primetime. There is also a really cool multi-cam feature that was included in the FCPX updates that I can’t wait to use.

Note: 7toX only converts sequences not entire projects, so the one drawback is that it does not import my bins which have all my B-roll which were carefully marked. So I will have to re-import that footage and start again if I need to use them. At this stage in the edit it is a small drawback considering I pretty much have my B-roll set in the timeline.

FCP7 screen grab (My project)

FCPX screen grab (My project converted using 7toX)

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