Leica Portrait – Joel Meyorowitz

I don’t know if I will ever have the time to post on a daily basis again, but I think I should post at least once a week like I did when I originally launched The New Pop. The managed growth thing I have been doing is starting to turn into plain old complacency.

I have a couple of really cool personal projects that I am currently working on. Pluggedin will be coming off it’s short hiatus and we will be launching the fourth and fifth episodes shortly. Then there is another personal project that I am currently working on that will be insanely dope! I mean dope, dope! Until then here is the latest video from one of my favorite clients Leica.

I have a bunch or projects on cue from Leica including portraits for Bruce Davidson, Ed Templeton, and Seal. Yes the singer Seal happens to be an avid photographer and passionate Leica user. For today’s post I have a portrait we shot back last August of Joel Meyorowitz “An award-winning street photographer who has been creating memorable images in the great photojournalistic tradition since 1962″.


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