Aug 12

Is The Photo Portrait Booth an Effective Marketing Tool?

The fundraising efforts for our soon to be launched web series The Videographers Guide has inspired us to experiment with several fundraising techniques, most of which never really stuck. But there is one strategic approach we are focusing on that seems to be gaining some momentum…  Our Portrait for a Pledge booth has been the most effective tool both virtually and in the real world for raising awareness about our series.  Folks love getting our 4X6 glossy photos and we love taking their photos.  It combines the playfulness of a photo booth with the social media compulsion to share the photos which we also post on our Facebook page.

However despite my experience working with photo and video booths in the past, the challenges of making prints on site and getting folks to pledge to an art project is a challenge to say the least.  The learning curve is steeper than I expected.   From running out of supplies, to using the wrong printer for our flyers, to figuring out how many people we need on site, we spent most of the first few weeks tweaking and experimenting instead of shooting photos.  With the help of Cultured Productions, and my nephews, we are starting to figure things out.  After all if it was easy everyone would be doing it.  We still have allot to learn but hopefully this can be a fun long term solution for raising awareness.

Check out a few images from our pledgees.


To find out more about this series log onto the series website here.