The Videographers Guide Episode 1 – The Music Video

The inspiration for this series came from a 19 part weekly on this blog titled The Videographers Guide to Not Falling on your New Media Face. Very early in the process I entertained the idea of turning the blog entries into a video series.

In January of this year I put the video production wheels in motion.  I had to take what was a highly personal blog series, and turn it into a more practical video tutorial without losing that personal and artistic element. So I decided to take my voice and replace it with the voice of industry experts, and to put a human face on my target audience by having a young “protege” represent them.  In episode 1 it wasn’t hard to find my protege.  Her name is Nasa Hadizadeh, a young artist/entrepreneur who I was meeting with regularly at a local Coffee shop to talk new media.

Nasa is the embodiment of today’s filmmaker. A Queens NY native, daughter of Middle Eastern parents, Nasa studied law in college, but right before taking the LSAT’s she decided to follow her childhood dream of becoming a filmmaker instead.  One day she picked up a camera and went to work. She had that All-American drive that makes this country the entrepreneurial capitol of the world. That is the embodiment of the American dream, and if nothing else this is what The Videographers Guide is about.

What I am hoping to accomplish with this series is to tell dozens of stories like Nasa’s through the eyes of young filmmakers chasing the American dream, while simultaneously providing a roadmap for them to follow. I want to pull back the veil that shrouds New Media by providing valuable information from other filmmakers who are on the front lines. The goal is to present this information in a compelling, stylistic way that is as informative as it is entertaining.


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