Setting Up Shop

I’ve lived in the same South Williamsburg apartment for almost 8 years and have always entertained the idea of making it into a photo studio, but I needed an idea to motivate me into action. Enter the “We Are All Videographers” portrait series. Up until now, all the photos that I have published for this series were repurposed from the “Portraits For A Pledge” series I shot this past summer. They were shot outdoors with natural light and the space I needed to get the right angles.  I dug the way those photos turned out, but wasn’t quite sure if I could duplicate it in my apartment. So I took to task, invited my friend Julia to be subject number one, and to my surprise there was enough space, and just enough natural light (with the aid of a flash) to duplicate the same look and feel of the photos I took outdoors.

My hope is to document videographers from all walks of life, from every level of production, in a democratized set up that features them as the every-man/modern-day storyteller. It took me two days to set up shop, and yesterday I did my first shoot. I will start rolling out the new photos next week.

If you would like to be featured in this series, and you are in the NYC area, email me at thevguide


IMG_8135 IMG_8134

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