Vine Vs. FrameBlast @ The Leica Soho Store Opening

Everyone has been talking about the new app Vine, described as a “video Instagram” that allows you to share 6-second looping video clips. They were recently acquired by twitter which contributed to the buzz.

Before I heard of Vine I heard of an app called FrameBlast another “video instagram” type app. Last night while shooting for Leica at The Leica Soho store opening I took some time to give FrameBlast a test run.  I embedded a youtube link below.  You can see the original FrameBlast post here.

I also gave Vine a test run at the same event. I embedded a youtube link below, you can see the original Vine link here.

Though both have their downsides, sharing limitations, limited audience, in my opinion FameBlast is the better of the two.  Yes, Vine has a much larger audience (I don’t mean to understate this fact) due mostly to the Twitter affiliation, but doesn’t offer much else. However FrameBlast offers filters, edit styles, soundtracks, landscape orientation, among other things. None of which Vine offers.

When it comes to the videos that I have been seeing produced on both platforms, the best analogy I can give is that Vine is to Youtube as Frameblast is to Vimeo.  I will get more into these applications in Episode 2 of The Videographers Guide.


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