We Are All Videographers – Q&A With Justin Little


WAAV is experiencing a Little renaissance

“If in the moment, you are compelled to bypass the photo setting on your camera and capture the moment in motion, it is in that moment that you have chosen to be a videographer. If you take it a step further and choose to share that video with your friends, then you my friend are a storyteller” TVG

Living in South Williamsburg since 2008, by way of New Jersey, Justin Little came to New York to pursue a career in everything. He graduated with a degree in multi-media from The Philadelphia Art Institute of Technology, and makes a living as a lead developer at an award winning media company in Chelsea. When he isn’t working at his day job, lets just say Justin is doing a little bit of everything else. For starters his blog blaqbook.com was launched on the advice of one of his professors, who noticed his black book (filled various mediums of artistic expression) could use a bigger platform. He also finds time to throw music showcases, deejay, and edit.  Oh and I think I noticed that he was throwing up some Deejay mixes on Facebook the other day (Oh I remember the days when The New Pop use to be everywhere just like Justin). In between two DJ gigs, and a lunch date with Loudone a writer with the Look Out Crew. Justin was kind enough to stop by my studio to take part in a Little Q&A. (I’m so clever with my play on words).

How long have you been shooting?
2002 I borrowed my friends camera and just started filming any and everything. Like Mr.Brainwash style.

What is your primary camera?
Kodak zi8. Hear me out. It’s small, it’s very cheap, and has the capability to shoot 60fps in HD and was $100 a camera at the time. The microphone is good but not amazing so I use a Rode mic when needed. I also have a little Sima light I use when I’m shooting outside at night.

What is your favorite city to shoot in and why?
NYC hands down. It’s any and everything. You can successfully shoot whatever you want at any given time. I’m into music, street wear boutiques, great food, and dope women. No brainer. Definitely here.

If you had one historical event or figure you could shoot or interview, who would it be?
I could be cliche as fuck and say Biggie. That’s too easy. Historical? I mean yesterday is pretty much history right? If that is the case I would of loved to be the peer mediator for the band The Rapture before Mattie Safer left. I don’t mean to be a dick to the new bassist. He is good as well but it’s just not the same. I still like them. I caught their Webster Hall show for “In the Grace of His Love”. It was good and all but I feel like that original four piece’s potential was out of this world. Check them out before Mattie left.

If you’re talking historical events that is a no brainer. All of my friends are hippy babies. I’m a rasta baby. We go hand and hand. My mom would wake me and my siblings up every morning bumping soul. I grew up hearing endless stories and watching endless films of the greatest moment in the history of mankind. Hippies, Rastas, Soul… WOODSTOCK 69 man!

What do you love most about videography?
Having the power to show someone what you see how you see it. That is my shooting style for the most part. If I’m watching a band I move to make it interesting. But I originally started this to let my suburban friends see things the way I see them. It’s hard to capture a feeling. But between the camera and editing I get the chance to rebuild my reality for them.

What college did you attend and what was your major?
The Art Institute of Philadelphia. I have a Bachelors of Science in Multimedia and Web design. I pretty much studied everything that goes onto the internet. So video, audio, photography, 3d, business of the web, and programming. The thing with a school like AIPH, is you really don’t have to focus on one thing. I’m kind of all of all over the place. I need to know how to do all aspects of the things I’m interested in to an extent.

It worked out perfect. I don’t have time to wait for someone else. I have a 9 to 5, own and run blaqbook, contribute to freewilliamsburg.com, film and edit, throw music showcases, and DJ. There isn’t much in between time. So I need to be able to do everything on the fly and on the move.

What is your other passion? 
Passion? Wow! That is a question right there. I’m into so many things. But I’d have to say DJing right now. Funny story. Me and my boy Layton (drummer in The Courtesy Tier) went to Converse Rubber Tracks over at The Music Hall of Williamsburg for the Fools Gold 5th anniversary party. This was in November. Atrak was killing it, to say the least. When we were leaving we both decided that moment we were going to start DJing.

By Decemeber 15th we both had all of our gear and were spinning our first party. I set the bar pretty high. My goal is to DJ 50 times by the Summer. I’m about 9 gigs deep now.

Do you have a website? Oh yeah you already said blaqbook.com

Thank you Justin.

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