How Quickly Should You Respond To Your Clients Inquiries?


How quickly should you respond to your clients inquiries? The short answer is… right away.

The long answer is… you respond to your clients emails, texts, phone calls, right away.

It’s hard to imagine that there are “working” freelancers who think responding days later, or not checking their spam regularly is a winning strategy. They say they are too busy, or maybe they don’t want clients to think they are desperate. This ain’t “Swingers” and clients aren’t going to care if you are desperate when they find themselves in a bind and need someone to respond yesterday. If you are so busy you should have the resources to hire an assistant or an intern to field calls while you are busy “handling more important issues” (SMH).

Another excuse that I hear allot from “freelancers” is that they are night owls that don’t work the normal 9-5 schedule. Yeah it’s really cool to be working while the city is asleep, feeling like you are getting a leg up on the rest of us suckers who are in bed resting up for the next day’s tasks. I agree that working at night is a great time to work. There is something magical about working under dimmed lights, with your favorite music on, relative quiet on the streets, no phones, emails, texts lighting up your electronic hubs, especially in a city like New York where it’s hard to get away from the seemingly endless energy. The fact is, this is just another excuse. Most people find it tougher to wake up than to stay up. So they get into this pattern. But if you are going to sleep when the rest of us “suckers” are waking up, you are a step behind.  And btw, there are allot of folks who are night owls who still manage to get up early on a regular basis. So there is also that.

The bottom line is when it comes to responding to edit request, job proposals, emergency issues, it helps to be as responsive and timely as possible.

Trevz – TVG

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