We Are All Videographers Q&A with Nunnie


WAAV visits Nunnie’s World.

We are the documentarians, the standard bearers of nightlife’s long gone and almost forgotten. I wonder had Toulouse-Lautrec been alive today, would his world be unveiled in 24fps and on a Canon. - TVG

I met Nunnie sometime around ’07-’08 during the heyday of documenting the nightlife scene in New York. During his visit we spoke about those times like old soldiers reminiscing about their tours. We talked about old friends, memorable moments and how things have changed. This Far Rockaway native might be only 26, but I was quickly reminded that nightlife years are like dog years when he confessed that in a world where youth is a virtue, there are times when he feels like an old timer. I guess if you do this long enough we all reach a point where the dog years creep up on us. Sometimes it seems that documenting youthful exuberance bestows that virtue on the documentarian, an artistic roadmap to our very own Fountain of Youth.

As videographers, photographers, bloggers and promoters, we all play a small part in perpetuating the legacy of nightlife in New York City, and Nunnie has more than just a passing interest in each one of these arts. Nunnie has shot video for the likes of Swizz Beats, WESC, Adeen and a dozen other brands, performers and events. He also shoots narrative pieces and somehow still finds time to promote “Friday Night With Your Host Nunnie” at Sway. Nunnie is definitely doing his part to keep the legacy alive.

So Nunnie, how long have you been shooting?

If you count school, since 2006. I’ve been shooting mofo’s ever since, and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

What is your primary camera?

Good old Canon 7D. I acquired it back in 2011 as a gift. One of the best investments someone made on me in my life – thank you mom ;-)

What is your favorite city to shoot in?

New York City hands down, but Cali is a close second, like very close. Then there is Mexico. I love to vacation out there, and shooting on the beautiful beaches and land helps too.

If you had one historical event or figure you could shoot or interview, who would it be?

To pick just one is a very difficult thing to do, but if I had to pick someone it would have to be Ted Bundy.  I know crazy right, but you have to think about it, he was your everyday All-American guy, who killed so many. To get into the mind of such a deranged person would be fucking awesome.

What do you love most about videography?

How I can take an idea out of my mind and manifest it into something amazing. When you create a video that video can inspire millions, and that’s a beautiful thing.

What is your other passion?

I have to say photography, acting, and taking long walks to nowhere. I love to just walk everywhere especially when it is cold out. No one else is out so I feel like Will Smith from I am Legend, while I walk the earth alone with my dog.

What is your favorite video on Vimeo or YouTube?

This may sound corny for me to say but favorite would have to be a New Pop video back in ’08. It’s the one you did when Texas (Former New Pop partner) is talking in the beginning and the naked white dude walks up to her (The Danger “Dubai” Party). Oh and the Retro Kids performed. Also you guys were out until 6 or 7am. That video changed my life on many different levels, the shooting style, the great use of music, the shots were so fucking amazing, no bullshit, I watched that video at least 1000 times. It was like I was taking a look at so many different personalities in my own back yard that I had no idea even existed. So thank you for that brother.

You’re welcome. That was a fun night. Do you have a website?


Thank you Nunnie.

If you are interested in being a part of the WAAV project and you’re in the NYC area drop us an email.


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