May 13

New! The Videographers Guide Notebook is available online!

They’re here! Our Handy designed notebook perfect and pocket sized, includes forms for talent release, shot lists, video settings & those last minute interview questions. A set of 3 books are available on our website for $9.95.

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May 13

The Videographers Guide Ep.2 Teaser – The Recap Video

In 2012 we brought to you episode 1 of The Videographer Guide, a web series bringing together an accolade of young filmmakers and their adept endeavors in the realm of creating a music video. For episode 2, we delve into the sector of recap videos and those who work in the “live” genre — documenting parties, music festivals and gigs alike.

Furthermore, we’ll explore how technology and creativity coincide with convenience, as new smartphone apps add unique angles to this long-standing niche of documentation. In association with Hypebeast.com this installment of The V Guide sheds compelling light on the contemporary facet of film making. Enjoy the teaser below and stay tuned for the forthcoming episode that is set to premiere this Spring.

To see Episode 1 or for more information on our series and accompanying notebooks and handbooks log onto theVguide.com