Jul 13

Moving into our new South Willliamsburg Offices

After 8 years at my old home office in South Williamsburg and dealing with the annoying train passing outside my window, stifling heat and not much space, we are finally moving to a new home office not far from our old location (I love Williamsburg and wanted to stay close). The opportunity seemed perfect to grab a renovated duplex in which we hope to share with our creative community for screenings, networking events, classes, and just a great place to work, chill and play!

Here are the first photos from our new office space.  If you are interested in checking it out or using it for something creative drop us a line.



View from our patio AKA the smokers den.

View from our patio AKA the smokers den.

View from our balcony

View from our walkway which will also double as bench seating for our screenings


Walkway leading to our office space. Also doubles as our balcony seating area once our bench arrives.

Walkway leading to our office space. Also doubles as our balcony seating area once our bench arrives.


Our creative workspace


We will be cooking up delicious treats along with our dope edits!

We will be cooking up delicious treats along with our dope edits!

Amanda & Juliet enjoying our 3D/HD Theatre over Pizza.

Amanda & Juliet enjoying our 3D/HD Theatre over Pizza.



Jun 13

The V Guide: Episode 2 Screening – Photo Recap

Last week we had the screening for Episode 2 at “Over The Eight” bar in Williamsburg. It was an amazing turnout, and there was a lively discussion between the panelists featured in Episode 2 and the audience that followed the screening. I have to thank Nasa Hadizadeh of Cultured Productions for organizing this event. I also have to thank her for pushing me to have this screening despite my reservations and quite honestly my fears that no one would show up. Also a big “thank you!” to everyone who came out to support this film. There is nothing like having your friends (old and new) show up to support something you worked so hard on. Also big thanks to Over The Eight for providing the venue!

Check out the photos below and don’t forget to pick up our Notebooks and Handbooks at our website.  Any support we can get for this independently funded project will be appreciated.  Episode 2 officially launches on Hypebeast on June 11th.


Every seat was filled with friends new and old.

Every seat was filled with friends new and old.

Thanks to Over The Eight for providing thier amazing venue.

Thanks to Over The Eight for providing thier amazing venue.

There was a lively panel discussion afterwards that really explored the subjects presented in the film.

There was a lively panel discussion afterwards that really explored the subjects presented in the film.


May 13

New! The Videographers Guide Notebook is available online!

They’re here! Our Handy designed notebook perfect and pocket sized, includes forms for talent release, shot lists, video settings & those last minute interview questions. A set of 3 books are available on our website for $9.95.

Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 7.54.49 AM



May 13

The Videographers Guide Ep.2 Teaser – The Recap Video

In 2012 we brought to you episode 1 of The Videographer Guide, a web series bringing together an accolade of young filmmakers and their adept endeavors in the realm of creating a music video. For episode 2, we delve into the sector of recap videos and those who work in the “live” genre — documenting parties, music festivals and gigs alike.

Furthermore, we’ll explore how technology and creativity coincide with convenience, as new smartphone apps add unique angles to this long-standing niche of documentation. In association with Hypebeast.com this installment of The V Guide sheds compelling light on the contemporary facet of film making. Enjoy the teaser below and stay tuned for the forthcoming episode that is set to premiere this Spring.

To see Episode 1 or for more information on our series and accompanying notebooks and handbooks log onto theVguide.com


Mar 13

Special Preview: The Videographers Guide – Notebooks!

We just got the first look at The Videographers Guide “OTF Notebooks” which will go on sale when we premier Episode 2 of The Videographers Guide this May.  This Notebook has been designed for the videographer out in the field working On The Fly, and includes forms for shot-lists/talent releases/camera settings and jotting down those last minute questions. There will be a 24 hour advanced sale Mid-May for everyone signed up for our mailing list via our website.

Sign up for your advanced copy now!


Feb 13

How Quickly Should You Respond To Your Clients Inquiries?


How quickly should you respond to your clients inquiries? The short answer is… right away.

The long answer is… you respond to your clients emails, texts, phone calls, right away.

It’s hard to imagine that there are “working” freelancers who think responding days later, or not checking their spam regularly is a winning strategy. They say they are too busy, or maybe they don’t want clients to think they are desperate. This ain’t “Swingers” and clients aren’t going to care if you are desperate when they find themselves in a bind and need someone to respond yesterday. If you are so busy you should have the resources to hire an assistant or an intern to field calls while you are busy “handling more important issues” (SMH).

Another excuse that I hear allot from “freelancers” is that they are night owls that don’t work the normal 9-5 schedule. Yeah it’s really cool to be working while the city is asleep, feeling like you are getting a leg up on the rest of us suckers who are in bed resting up for the next day’s tasks. I agree that working at night is a great time to work. There is something magical about working under dimmed lights, with your favorite music on, relative quiet on the streets, no phones, emails, texts lighting up your electronic hubs, especially in a city like New York where it’s hard to get away from the seemingly endless energy. The fact is, this is just another excuse. Most people find it tougher to wake up than to stay up. So they get into this pattern. But if you are going to sleep when the rest of us “suckers” are waking up, you are a step behind.  And btw, there are allot of folks who are night owls who still manage to get up early on a regular basis. So there is also that.

The bottom line is when it comes to responding to edit request, job proposals, emergency issues, it helps to be as responsive and timely as possible.

Trevz – TVG

Feb 13

The Videographers Guide – Contour Magazine Write Up

Big thanks to our friends over at Contour Magazine for the write up on The Videographers Guide. Check it out and share here.

Screen Shot 2013-02-01 at 9.23.28 AM

Jan 13

The best videographer there ever was, and will ever be…


Jan 13

Alt Citizen Magazine – Artist Spotlight

Big thanks to Alt Citizen Magazine for this really cool article on The Videographers Guide.  You can read the full article here.

Screen Shot 2013-01-22 at 11.33.34 AM

Dec 12

Now Available in Retail Stores!

Not since 2001 when I use to pitch my web services to retailers have I done any store to store cold selling.  I have always been a determined sales person, but it was never easy. Knowing that I would have to put on the salesman hat again especially after being away for over a decade was tough to get up for, but at some point you have to just put one foot in front of the other and hope for the best.

So today I set off on my travels and once I got started the adrenaline kicked in and it felt even better than I remembered.  Maybe life’s journey has blessed me with some new tricks that I didn’t posses 10 years ago, who knows.  The end result is that now you can find The Videographers Guide Collectors Edition Handbook at the following independent retail stores.  Go pick em up, so that these retailers would buy more books! I hope to get them in more stores before Christmas.  You can also have them shipped by ordering online at our website. If you know any independent bookstores whom I can pay a visit to please email me at info at thenewpop dot com.

Thanks and enjoy the book!


Spoonbill & Sugartown Booksellers
218 Bedford Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Bluestockings Bookstores 
172 Allen Street between Stanton and Rivington
New York, NY 10002

Desert Island 
540 Metropolitan Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11211


desertisland spoonbill bluestockings