May 13

The Videographers Guide Ep.2 Teaser – The Recap Video

In 2012 we brought to you episode 1 of The Videographer Guide, a web series bringing together an accolade of young filmmakers and their adept endeavors in the realm of creating a music video. For episode 2, we delve into the sector of recap videos and those who work in the “live” genre — documenting parties, music festivals and gigs alike.

Furthermore, we’ll explore how technology and creativity coincide with convenience, as new smartphone apps add unique angles to this long-standing niche of documentation. In association with Hypebeast.com this installment of The V Guide sheds compelling light on the contemporary facet of film making. Enjoy the teaser below and stay tuned for the forthcoming episode that is set to premiere this Spring.

To see Episode 1 or for more information on our series and accompanying notebooks and handbooks log onto theVguide.com


Feb 13

Vine Vs. FrameBlast @ The Leica Soho Store Opening

Everyone has been talking about the new app Vine, described as a “video Instagram” that allows you to share 6-second looping video clips. They were recently acquired by twitter which contributed to the buzz.

Before I heard of Vine I heard of an app called FrameBlast another “video instagram” type app. Last night while shooting for Leica at The Leica Soho store opening I took some time to give FrameBlast a test run.  I embedded a youtube link below.  You can see the original FrameBlast post here.

I also gave Vine a test run at the same event. I embedded a youtube link below, you can see the original Vine link here.

Though both have their downsides, sharing limitations, limited audience, in my opinion FameBlast is the better of the two.  Yes, Vine has a much larger audience (I don’t mean to understate this fact) due mostly to the Twitter affiliation, but doesn’t offer much else. However FrameBlast offers filters, edit styles, soundtracks, landscape orientation, among other things. None of which Vine offers.

When it comes to the videos that I have been seeing produced on both platforms, the best analogy I can give is that Vine is to Youtube as Frameblast is to Vimeo.  I will get more into these applications in Episode 2 of The Videographers Guide.


Feb 13

The Term Videographer Isn’t So Bad… Right?

When I first started shooting video (circa 2005) just about everyone who picked up a video camera came from the indie film world. It was downright offensive to refer to us as anything other than “filmmakers”. But because the tools of our trade were prosumer cameras like the Cannon XL1 and the Panasonic DVX100, which more resembled the tools of a traditional videographer (you know the old guys that shot weddings) as opposed to traditional “filmmakers,” (you know the cool guys that smoked cigarettes and labored over their art) outsiders would often refer to us as “videographers”.  This was especially true in the corporate environment where they were used to hiring “videographers” to shoot events, lectures, etc. They were not sensitive to the fact that I didn’t want to be lumped into the same category as the older traditional guys they hired before.

At some point I gave up correcting people and learned to embrace it. In hindsight I am glad I did. The distinction between what we do, and what filmmakers do is worth noting. In my eyes the filmmaker is a part of the establishment, seeking entry into the Hollywood or Indie-film circuit. They go to film school and write scripts. The videographer on the other hand is looking to tell a story (most likely a documentary) with any tool at their disposal, with as little fuss and with a general disregard for any acknowldegment beyond maybe a shout on the vimeo staff picks page.  We are not so evolved as to seek monetary compensation for anything more than a means to shoot more video. Yes, I am a videographer! And having a term that I can reclaim, embrace, and redefine is empowering.



Sep 12

The Videographers Guide Episode 1 – The Music Video

The inspiration for this series came from a 19 part weekly on this blog titled The Videographers Guide to Not Falling on your New Media Face. Very early in the process I entertained the idea of turning the blog entries into a video series.

In January of this year I put the video production wheels in motion.  I had to take what was a highly personal blog series, and turn it into a more practical video tutorial without losing that personal and artistic element. So I decided to take my voice and replace it with the voice of industry experts, and to put a human face on my target audience by having a young “protege” represent them.  In episode 1 it wasn’t hard to find my protege.  Her name is Nasa Hadizadeh, a young artist/entrepreneur who I was meeting with regularly at a local Coffee shop to talk new media.

Nasa is the embodiment of today’s filmmaker. A Queens NY native, daughter of Middle Eastern parents, Nasa studied law in college, but right before taking the LSAT’s she decided to follow her childhood dream of becoming a filmmaker instead.  One day she picked up a camera and went to work. She had that All-American drive that makes this country the entrepreneurial capitol of the world. That is the embodiment of the American dream, and if nothing else this is what The Videographers Guide is about.

What I am hoping to accomplish with this series is to tell dozens of stories like Nasa’s through the eyes of young filmmakers chasing the American dream, while simultaneously providing a roadmap for them to follow. I want to pull back the veil that shrouds New Media by providing valuable information from other filmmakers who are on the front lines. The goal is to present this information in a compelling, stylistic way that is as informative as it is entertaining.


Jul 12

The Videographers Guide – The Web Series (Kickstarter Campaign)

For a long time I have entertained the idea of taking my weekly blog series The Videographers Guide to Not Falling On Your New Media Face and turning it into a web series.  This January I put the wheels in motion and just completed the pilot episode.  The goal is to produce at least 6 more episodes but I need to raise some major funds to do it.  So I created my first Kickstarter campaign. So check it out and contribute what you can.  Also if you like the idea please share it with your networks. There are some pretty cool rewards for Kickstarting this project.


Apr 12

Pluggedin 4 – Is the Instagram Ruining the Art of Photography?

Here is latest episode in our pluggedin series. Episode 4 – Is the instagram ruining the art of Photography? Our guests include my old partner TONE of liveattheloftshow.com, along with new media artist Gabriela Manrique of Bat owl studios and Steven & Jared founders of the tech startup Snapstagram.

Enjoy the show.



Apr 12

Leica Portrait – Joel Meyorowitz

I don’t know if I will ever have the time to post on a daily basis again, but I think I should post at least once a week like I did when I originally launched The New Pop. The managed growth thing I have been doing is starting to turn into plain old complacency.

I have a couple of really cool personal projects that I am currently working on. Pluggedin will be coming off it’s short hiatus and we will be launching the fourth and fifth episodes shortly. Then there is another personal project that I am currently working on that will be insanely dope! I mean dope, dope! Until then here is the latest video from one of my favorite clients Leica.

I have a bunch or projects on cue from Leica including portraits for Bruce Davidson, Ed Templeton, and Seal. Yes the singer Seal happens to be an avid photographer and passionate Leica user. For today’s post I have a portrait we shot back last August of Joel Meyorowitz “An award-winning street photographer who has been creating memorable images in the great photojournalistic tradition since 1962″.


Mar 12

Art in the Era of the Internet

Here is a video that I think is worth watching if you are a contemporary artists.

“The internet has intensified connections between people across the planet. In this episode we take a look at the impact of this new interconnectivity on the art world. Traditional funding models are dissolving, new forms of expressing ownership have arisen to accomodate for remix culture, and artists are finding ways to connect physical art experiences and traditions to the internet. In the digital era, the experience of art from the perspective of the artist and the art audience is shifting rapidly, and bringing more people into the creative process.”

Feb 12

FCPX – Finally Ready For Primetime

On my last trial run of FCPX I lost an entire project because my files disconnected due to changed meta data and FCPX did not have a file reconnect feature. Prior to that I tried to edit two or three other projects only to be met with constant roadblocks. It prompted me to shut it down, go back to the old reliable FCP7 and post this article on this blog Not Even Ready For Daytime.

Recently I was informed by my colleagues of some promising updates that may make it worth my while to give it another whirl.  So I decided to throw caution to the wind and test it on a paid gig from a corporate client that I was 3/4 of the way through. I backed my project up and went to town.  Using the brilliant pluggin 7toX to seamlessly convert that project to one that could be edited in FCPX I was ready to go.  After a few hours of familiarizing myself to the interface again and downloading the Magic Bullet update that makes it compatible with FCPX, by day’s end I was whizzing around that magical timeline with confidence and joy. Other than the animations which I am doing over the next few days and the color correction I am happy to say FCPX is finally ready for primetime. There is also a really cool multi-cam feature that was included in the FCPX updates that I can’t wait to use.

Note: 7toX only converts sequences not entire projects, so the one drawback is that it does not import my bins which have all my B-roll which were carefully marked. So I will have to re-import that footage and start again if I need to use them. At this stage in the edit it is a small drawback considering I pretty much have my B-roll set in the timeline.

FCP7 screen grab (My project)

FCPX screen grab (My project converted using 7toX)

Jan 12

PressPausePlay – A must see film for the contemporary artist!

PressPausePlay directed by David Dworsky & Victor Kohler might be the best documentary I have seen in years if not ever! It addresses the gamut of issues that affect anyone who is producing art today. Wow!

“…Does democratized culture mean better art or is true talent instead drowned out? This is the question addressed by PressPausePlay, a documentary film containing interviews with some of the world’s most influential creators of the digital era”