Feb 13

We Are All Videographers – Q&A with Ben Holbrook


WAAV – Ben Holbrook see’s his art from both sides of the camera.

“Most videographers use the lens as a shield, or a battering ram, in which their expression becomes their extroverted alter-ego. Few videographers embrace the full picture, traversing both sides of the lens… As eager to explore as to be explored.” TVG

Ben moved to Bed-Stuy Brooklyn from Garner North Carolina in 2007 to pursue an acting career. He made a transition to writing as a way to better express himself as an actor. This blossomed into a full fledged passion for filmmaking and today videography. Ben assimilates all of these skills into a synergy of artistic expression. To each their own path. Ben dropped by the WAAV photo-booth and was kind enough to participate in a Q&A.

How long have you been shooting? 

I’ve been shooting since 2008, starting with my first short film, and branching out from there.

What is your primary camera?  

I use a Pentax K-01, which I love. I love Pentax’s color quality and their lenses, so I decided to try my hand at videography with their brand and I’ve liked it very much.

What is your favorite city to shoot in? 

New York, there’s just nothing better. I do, however, love shooting in Asheville, NC as well. It’s a gorgeous city with mountains and great culture (and food!).

What is your other passion?

I’m a playwright as well as a filmmaker, and an actor (BFA Acting ’07). I love writing, I do it every day. I also play music (guitar, vocals, and a bit of piano).

If you had one historical event or figure you could shoot or interview, who would it be? 

It would be great if someone could’ve been there to document the conversations in the room during the signing of the United States Constitution. Or being able to interview Black Elk or Chief Seattle, would be pretty special also.

What do you love most about videography?

Being able to give people access to an event or another human being in a way that they wouldn’t have in print or photography. They can see the person’s mannerisms, their expressions, hear their voice all at the same time. Or being able to take a person’s music and tell a visual story with it. It’s a fun way to create a little bit of reality and a fantastic way to tell a story.

Do you have a website?

Yes my website is http://benholbrook.com/ some of my stuff is there. And my facebook fan page is http://facebook.com/holbrookfilms a lot of my newer stuff is on there, like the music video I just shot (my first time doing a video).

Thank you Ben.

If you are interested in being a part of the WAAV project and you’re in the NYC area drop us an email.

Feb 13

Vine Vs. FrameBlast @ The Leica Soho Store Opening

Everyone has been talking about the new app Vine, described as a “video Instagram” that allows you to share 6-second looping video clips. They were recently acquired by twitter which contributed to the buzz.

Before I heard of Vine I heard of an app called FrameBlast another “video instagram” type app. Last night while shooting for Leica at The Leica Soho store opening I took some time to give FrameBlast a test run.  I embedded a youtube link below.  You can see the original FrameBlast post here.

I also gave Vine a test run at the same event. I embedded a youtube link below, you can see the original Vine link here.

Though both have their downsides, sharing limitations, limited audience, in my opinion FameBlast is the better of the two.  Yes, Vine has a much larger audience (I don’t mean to understate this fact) due mostly to the Twitter affiliation, but doesn’t offer much else. However FrameBlast offers filters, edit styles, soundtracks, landscape orientation, among other things. None of which Vine offers.

When it comes to the videos that I have been seeing produced on both platforms, the best analogy I can give is that Vine is to Youtube as Frameblast is to Vimeo.  I will get more into these applications in Episode 2 of The Videographers Guide.


Feb 13

We Are All Videographers – Q&A with Julia Richter


WAAV – Julia Richter takes a peek.

“You approach your new-found passion with a healthy dose of trepidation and doubt. Anxious to unveil the world of wonder that lies behind that little red button.” – TVG

Julia moved to Harlem from Budapest Hungary 6 months ago to study clinical psychology at Columbia. Photography is her hobby and she recently started looking to expand those interests into the video realm. Julia dropped by the photo-booth with her Canon in hand and gave us a peek into her new found passion. She is the prototypical artist in the WAAV portrait series.

How long have you been shooting? 

I mostly do photography, I have just recently started thinking in motion pictures.

What is your primary camera?  

It’s a Canon 40D.

What is your other passion?

Being on the road, traveling.

What is your favorite city to shoot in? 

Havana. It is a breathtaking city, full of stories, culture, mystery and passion.

If you had one historical event or figure you could shoot or interview, who would it be? 

I would document some group sessions of Muhammad, Moses and Jesus in a therapy room. I guess it would probably get a few views on youtube.

What do you love most about videography?

I love rhythms, it is basically what I am missing working with still pictures. Videography gives you the same freedom as photography, but adds all these other modalities to play with.

Do you have a video website yet?

Not Yet.

Thank you Julia.

If you are interested in being a part of the WAAV project and you’re in the NYC area drop us an email.

Feb 13

We Are All Videographers – Carla


Feb 13

Setting Up Shop

I’ve lived in the same South Williamsburg apartment for almost 8 years and have always entertained the idea of making it into a photo studio, but I needed an idea to motivate me into action. Enter the “We Are All Videographers” portrait series. Up until now, all the photos that I have published for this series were repurposed from the “Portraits For A Pledge” series I shot this past summer. They were shot outdoors with natural light and the space I needed to get the right angles.  I dug the way those photos turned out, but wasn’t quite sure if I could duplicate it in my apartment. So I took to task, invited my friend Julia to be subject number one, and to my surprise there was enough space, and just enough natural light (with the aid of a flash) to duplicate the same look and feel of the photos I took outdoors.

My hope is to document videographers from all walks of life, from every level of production, in a democratized set up that features them as the every-man/modern-day storyteller. It took me two days to set up shop, and yesterday I did my first shoot. I will start rolling out the new photos next week.

If you would like to be featured in this series, and you are in the NYC area, email me at thevguide


IMG_8135 IMG_8134

Feb 13

We Are All Videographers – Vanessa


Feb 13

We Are All Videographers – Barry


Feb 13

We Are All Videographers – Rob


Feb 13

We Are All Videographers – Omar


Feb 13

We Are All Videographers – Jamel