Jan 11

Tiny Feature Saturday’s – UNDERCITY

This tiny feature “UNDERCITY” by filmmaker Andrew Wonder chronicles the adventures of urban explorer Steve Duncan as he explores “without permission” the bridges, sewers and tunnels of New York City.  Andrew effectively conveys the inherent danger and childlike sense of wonder (pun intended) one gets when going someplace you are not supposed to be going, or doing something you are not supposed to be doing.

There is an inherent element of danger which permeates almost every frame of this short.  Both filmmaker and explorer risk arrest, electrocution, and victimization which adds an element of anxiety not seen in many DSLR shorts.  The narrator Steve Duncan plays the danger card for everything it is worth, and just when you start to think that the element of danger might be a bit overstated, the filmmaker lets the audience off the hook through anecdotal tales from some of the folks who call this hidden world their home.