Mar 10

Armory Arts Week & Artlog

From Fashion to Food it seems like every industry has their week in the NYC sun or snow depending on what day it is. MY favorite week of them all, The Armory Arts Week started this past Thursday. The week’s main event, The Armory Arts Show takes place at Pier 94 exhibiting contemporary art from more than 30 countries. In addition there are dozens and dozens of smaller events and parties happening all around the 5 boroughs. So how does anyone know what are the best places to go, what parties are hot, or what exhibits are cool? The answer is artlog.com. Their slogan “Art and Culture in Real Time” says it all. This is the ultimate destination for real time updates on what is going on during Arts Week. They utilize social media via their Artlog live link where peoples tweets about Armory Art Week are redirected directly to the live section of their site. Recently as a part of the Pernod Creator Of series, I interviewed the founders Manish Vora and Dylan Fareed about Artlog.com and got a first hand demonstration of Artlog Live in action. Check it out.