Apr 11

*as of yet, untitled. | Kickstarter Video

In this day of Social Media overload where almost everything interesting is documented and posted online virtually before it happens (pun intended), there is a new project by William Etundi (founder of The Danger), where artists can express themselves in a non blogging, non tweeting, non shooting environment.  The Social Media phenomenon has so shaped our collective conversation that I am intrigued as to how the dialogue will change in the absence of it. As Will describes this event…

“You are invited to be involved in the creation of something simple, gorgeous and potentially profound.”

I describe it as TED meets Eyes Wide Shut. This event *as of yet, untitled will take place in a large but unfinished raw space in DUMBO and they need additional funding to build out the space. I was asked to shoot the video posted below to help raise money for this project. Log onto the Kickstarter page to contribute.