Apr 11

Inventor Portrait | David Sasson – Inventor Of The Digital Camera

In my lifetime there are two inventions that intrigued me when they first arrived in the Public Domain.  Wireless Internet and the digital camera.  For those of you not old enough to remember the time before these technological advancements were readily available for consumption It may be harder to imagine just how trans-formative these devices were.  If however you are old enough to have been using film and wired connections as an adult you may remember the marvel you had when these inventions exploded on the social landscape. The closest thing to that experience in recent times is the introduction of the iPhone.

The digital camera as you can imagine holds a special place in my heart because it is the medium that I use to express and support myself.  David Friedman’s Inventor Portrait had the opportunity to sit down with the inventor of the digital camera, Steven Sasson. Through the short interaction, Sasson shows off his original prototype.