Jul 11

Tiny Feature Saturday’s – HBTV: Depth of Speed – JDM Legends Restored

This week on Tiny Feature Saturday we bring you another episode from Depth of Speed series.  This series a collaboration between Hypebeast and filmmaker Josh Clason is born from Josh’s desire of story, travel and a love of anything automotive related.  It is the kind of series I hope to have the time to produce for myself one day.  In this episode Josh visits JDM Legends Eric Bizek who’s passion for craftsmanship and quality in the Japanese vintage car market is reflected in his own restoration process.  The second half of this short really resonated and connected with me.  The mood and the level of craft in the Josh’s filmmaking process appropriately matches the level of craft in Eric’s work.  Bravo!



Jun 11

Tiny Feature Saturday’s – Depth of Speed: Pangea

This week on TFS we present a new series titled “Depth Of Speed” courtesy of Hypebeast.com and director Josh Clason.  According to Josh this series was born from a desire of story, travel and a love of anything automotive related.  This first episode takes us to Salt Lake City, Utah and documents Andy Carter and his crew of Motor Bike enthusiasts known as Pangea Speed.  Director Josh Clason should be applauded for his montage during the second part of the piece.  Knowing when to shut up and let the visuals tell the story is an often overlooked skill in filmmaking.