Jul 10

New Pop Vintage 2007: Junk Science – Granddad’s Nerve Tonic

In 2007 our friends from Junk Science produced an album titled Granddads’ Nerve Tonic.  What was really interesting about this album was the fact that they were having a Beer made after it.  I thought this needed to be documented.  While shooting the interview at SixPoint Craft Ales in Redhook, the owner of SixPoint threw on some tracks from the Nerve Tonic album and Baje One the lead MC started to lip sync.  It was a you dropped your peanut butter into my chocolate moment.  It occurred to me that adding the musical element into this documentary might just work.  I told Baje One to roll with it.  It worked out so well that we utilized the concept throughout the entire video.  On this day in the year 2007 the musical documentary was born.