Jul 10

GTKU – Sarah

When I first started TheNewPop in 2005, I use to love touring NY documenting the colorful mosaic that makes up this city.  Back then I use to rent my camera and wanted to get as much milage out of that rental as I could. So after a full day of shooting a video I would travel the city through the night shooting anything and everything that caught my eye.  Mostly simple things that normally go unnoticed.  I used my video camera in very much the way a photographer would use a still camera.  Those early days were pure magic.

Since those early days I have tried many times to return to that free spirited approach without much luck. However thanks in part to owning a smaller DSLR camera (which for me also satisfies a long time desire to shoot photos), lately I have been more inspired to document city life again.  This week I started doing a series of street interviews which I titled Getting to Know You. The title originally came from Theophilus London who guest hosted an episode on The New Pop that he titled, you guessed it “Getting to Know You.”  They say life is like a box of chocolates, I say people are too.  This is the inspiration behind this project.

This first episode features Sarah who works in a little Ice Cream Truck you may have seen around town called heartschallenger.com.   Sarah was more than happy to tell us about the company and how she got involved with it.  There will be more folks to meet this week.

Enjoy the series