Jul 11

Tiny Feature Saturday’s – HBTV: Depth of Speed – JDM Legends Restored

This week on Tiny Feature Saturday we bring you another episode from Depth of Speed series.  This series a collaboration between Hypebeast and filmmaker Josh Clason is born from Josh’s desire of story, travel and a love of anything automotive related.  It is the kind of series I hope to have the time to produce for myself one day.  In this episode Josh visits JDM Legends Eric Bizek who’s passion for craftsmanship and quality in the Japanese vintage car market is reflected in his own restoration process.  The second half of this short really resonated and connected with me.  The mood and the level of craft in the Josh’s filmmaking process appropriately matches the level of craft in Eric’s work.  Bravo!



Feb 10

The Digital Magazine War is On!

Thanks to the folks at HypeBeast, for the third time in a month I have seen some prototype of the future of the Digital Magazine format. So I am making it official, I am calling it… The age of the Digital Magazine has officially arrived! You heard it here first. This week Adobe throws it’s hat in the ring with their version of the Digital Mag. How it matches up against the contenders remains to be seen? Will the front runner iPad take the title? Will underdog Bonnier steal the throne? Or will Adobe make another splash? (You flash geeks probably caught that reference.) Personally my favorite is the Bonnier device. It’s more elegant, smaller, has better graphics, and had the best video presentation. Yes that counts in my book. Check out the Adobe video below and do your own comparison. I included links to the other devices beneath the last embed. I also included a scene from Minority Report 2002. It’s the first time I remember thinking how cool would it be if they could invent a Digital Magazine/Newspaper like the one in that scene. Who Knew?