Sep 10

Album of the week: Robyn’s Body Talk Pt. 2

Robyn's Body Talk Part 2, guaranteed to make you sweat.

Robyn is indeed indestructible, or at least that’s how she would describe herself at the end of Part 2 of her much-hyped Body Talk series.

Robyn is indestructible because she came out of nowhere when everyone stopped singing her delicious 90s pop factory hit, “Show Me Love.” Since her self-titled triumph five years ago, Robyn has been on a mission to make bodies sweat.

Robyn is starting to create music that is layered, aggressive, irreverent, and  bloody brilliant. It is different from Body Talk, Part 1 because that album showed Robyn’s potential to take her innovative electro pop to the next level. This is the next level.
Case in point: I was listening to the collaboration of Swedish mastermind Klas Ahlund and the always on fire, Diplo, “Criminal Intent,” on the Hello Kitty speakers in my house. I turned to a friend who was visiting – and who was dumbfounded by the sonic wonder coming from my stereo, and said, “If I EVER hear this song anywhere, I don’t care who I’m with, what I’m doing, or where I’m at, I will lose my fucking mind.” And if I did lose said mind, as Robyn sings cooly in the song, “somebody alert the authorities.”

I don’t know when’s the last time I felt that exact way about a song from Robyn, but I know that the best thing about Part 2, is that there is something so hard, strong, fast, fierce and undeniably effortless about what she’s doing with her music. Her voice, which is in fine form as a dance club diva and a balladeer, glides like butter over an arsenal of nostalgic, yet futuristic blips, buzzes, synths and kicks.

The music video for Robyn\’s first single for Part 2, \”Hang With Me\”

Throw in a hard hitting Snoop Dogg collaboration (“U Should Know Better”) and a Savage Skulls heart-stopper (“Love Kills”) and you’ve got an album of bonafide hits that still appeal to hipsters everywhere. If people don’t get Robyn now, they’ll never get her –  and as punishment, will be left behind in a sea of club kids who use their sweat-drenched bodies to take over the world.

Mickey Woods