Jul 10

A Cold Splash of MiMA

A much needed cold front is headed to the city, and its coming from the Caribbean. MiMA (Yarimir Cabán) lived on and off in New York until five years ago, when she released her folk-bossa self-titled debut at a packed Joe’s Pub and then headed off to the Basque Country, Texas, and elsewhere. When she landed back home in Puerto Rico, she pretty much tossed all of her beautiful, singer-songwriter crowd- pleasing material and started from scratch. And off she went, on to a winding road of her own, turning down countless record deals along the way and becoming a powerful voice, always stubborn in her DIY approach. MiMA has been constantly playing and experimenting live, but a proper second coming has not released or even finished due to evolving ideas, lack of funds, and her trademark perfectionism when it comes to recording.

Now, MiMA’s second coming will manifest itself in the flesh in Brooklyn, at Public Assembly on Sunday, July 25th. She brings along Macha Colón y Los Okapi, for their first foray outside the island. MiMA will also open for Bomba Estéreo at SOB’s on Tuesday, July 27th. Expect other shows and subway jamming sessions to be announced as well. She says the new album is in the works, due out this fall (for real!). Even if it is, one thing is certain: it won’t be the same as the magic we’ll be fortunate to witness this week.

Let these moving images telltale a glimpse of her potential.

Nuria Net