May 10

New Pop Vintage 2007 – Korrupt

When I started shooting back in 2005 youtube compression standards were so horrible I would stay clear of uploading anything there.  It’s different today so I started going through my old videos and uploading them to youtube.  It’s like going through an old album.  So many memories.

Yesterday Tone and I were talking about the days when we were shooting all the time together, and we wondered where did we find the energy.  As Tone put it, nightlife is a seductive world especially for film/photo geeks like us.  It was like nerd crack, it’s not good for you, but it is so much fun.  Trying to ween myself off that lifestyle is tough. Working in the real world it dawned on me that just being cool, or in my case, just knowing cool people won’t cut it.  I actually had to have some skill and professionalism.  I picked up a ton of bad habits shooting nightlife which I am slowly trying to correct. My other filmmaker friends probably laugh at my bad audio and lighting, but I also picked up allot of unique skills and traits that make me unique in the comparatively bland world of commercial filmmaking.  I wouldn’t trade those days in for anything in the world.

In this video from 2007 shot during one of the Mean Red Korrupt parties I was really into these interactive videos because I wanted more than a montage of cool folks being cool. So at this party I asked people to write anything that was on their minds on the “What?” board.  The variety of comments were fascinating to say the least.