Mar 11

Tiny Feature Saturday’s – Josh Harris, Internet Entrepreneur

Pseudo.com was the epicenter of the new media art and cultural universe during the original late 90′s dotcom bubble, and Josh Harris was it’s ringmaster.  Taking up several floors at 600 Broadway (Now home to Hollister), Psuedo was an early pioneer of internet programming.  Many of it’s live streams were just excuses for allnight decadent parties.  My own personal experience with Pseudo was through their weekly show 88 Hip Hop.  Once a week around 10:00pm there would be a line going around the block with hip hop heads vying to get inside.  They stopped letting people in due to excessive tagging.  But this was nothing compared to the other programs and parties that happened there.  Here is a profile of one of the real pioneers of the New Media movement Josh Harris courtesy of the First Person series.  Also check out the trailer for the documentary film about Psuedo  We Live In Public.