May 09


I have tried without much luck to land a web series or promotional campaign with a major artist or client without much luck. I have sent dozens of treatments, had a shit load of meetings, and have come as close as I could come without actually booking a gig. I am convinced that Viral Video will kill the Music Video star, but labels didn’t seem as convinced.

Well a few weeks back I got a call from a music producer to document a studio session for The Roots. We have done work with him before, documenting one of his artist Antoinette Costa which was super cool. We discussed doing a web series but nothing ever came of it. Well it turned out this producer also produces and manages The Roots.

So back to the gig; I arrived that night thinking this would be a one day gig just like most others. As the night progressed he tells me he wants to do a series leading up to the release of The Roots next album “How I Got Over” releasing June 23rd. For some reason at that time it didn’t quite register that I just landed my first web series with a major label. It happened so quickly and so smoothly that it caught me entirely off guard. And with The Legendary Roots crew, Wow! I can only imagine that this is how D.A. Pennebaker felt when he got his first big gig. (Geek reference) Anyway wish me luck. This could be a huge step in my crusade to advance the Viral Artist Series genre.

Here is the video teaser

Big thanks to Okay Player & Universal Music. And wish me luck, its a huge challenge.