Jun 10

(Costume) Party/Unreported Crimes @ BPC

Hey kids,

So we loved it. And we had a great time.  Despite the lack of costumes – Amber, Eunice and I came decked out, but it was still fun.

I was a little worried that  we were gonna miss out on the fun. The party started at 11:30 and we thought that we wouldn’t get there in time to see my buddy Rob Melso, and his rock/hip-hop band, Unreported Crimes, do their thing.

We caught a cab from 4th St after being super far uptown, and walked in right as Rob and co. were hitting the stage.

Sidenote: The Bowery Poetry Club is a great little spot, cupcakes and pies sold in the front, an intimate stage, dive-esque lighting and full service bar in the back behind a curtain.

Rob chattin' it up Outside the Bowery Poetry Club.

Unreported Crimes showcased a sound that was fun and party-hardy. The band cruised through covers of songs like The Beatles’ “Come Together” and Bob Marley’s “Get Up, Stand Up.”  Their original songs had a feel good Cali vibe to them. My personal favorite song of theirs was a track called “Millionaire.” And Rob, who was lead guitar, was killin’ on the rhymes. Had no idea he could rap. Anyway, I enjoyed it.

Unreported Crimes arrest the audience :P

Unreported Crimes arrest the audience :P

At one point the guys brought girls on stage to do a cute call and response song called “Girls.” Kinda reminded me of the Beastie Boys. Hilarious.

At the end of their set, Amber, Eunice and I went to get more $3 PBRs when a random, crazily sicknasty hot beat broke out over the speakers.

A chick with blue hair by the name of Toxic Egyptian was rockin’ the stage. It was a treat. Not only could she spit, but she had maaaad style and a quirky, yet commanding sound and stage presence.

Toxic Egyptian look fly and rockin out

Toxic Egyptian commands attention during her brief set at the BPC

I later found out she was from Philly and does shows in NYC every now and then.  Would love to profile her.

Alright, here are the goods. More pics. More fierceness. Until next time, check out Unreported Crimes and Toxic Egyptian on MySpace Music.

Congratulations, Toxic, you WERQ'd so hard! GET. IT.

Zuly was one of the girls dancing onstage. Had to catch a picture. Her outfit was fantastico.

From left Eunice is a black Barbie, Amber is a sailor. YESSSS

From left Eunice in Black Barbie and Amber in Sailor Couture

Rob of Unreported Crimes, Me (RAWR) and Amber after the show

Rob Melso of Unreported Crimes, Me (RAWR) and Amber hangin after the show

Get yer leather on.

Get yer leather on.