Sep 10

New Pop Vintage “Fred Armisen” – 12/08

Two years ago Texas and I were asked to shoot the behind the scenes video for the URB magazine Fred Armisen spread. Armisen talks about his life before SNL, when he got the call for SNL and being a bad boy on set. Check it out.

Feb 10

URB Mag Special Edition feat Amanda Blank & Maluca

URB magazine teamed up with the girls at Mean Red and put out a special edition Digital Magazine featuring Maluca and Amanda Blank. It was styled by Valissa and photographed by my former partner King Texas. The photos are great, some of the best I have seen from Texas. The interviews are also informative and easy to digest. I do have issues with the Digital Magazine format, and more specifically the page navigation which just doesn’t feel natural. I just think the Digital Magazine format is something that will find it’s home on mobile devices like the one by Bonnier that I blogged about a few weeks back. I prefer to scroll through information traditionally on a web page rather than toy around with the phony page turn and magnifying features. And I wish they had an embed function for the Digital Mag so I wouldn’t have to hyperlink you. Come on coders start slinging. Regardless it’s great to see the folks at URB mag taking chances and pushing the envelope. It’s well worth the read. I posted some screen grabs below, to check out the full feature click here.