May 10

You Broke MotherF*cker!!!

If you didn’t know I got my start shooting the nightlife scene.  First for free and then for pay.  In general most promoters and artist in the scene were just plain broke.  As an artist getting started I pretty much had to take whatever gig I could get for exposure, and then somehow leverage that exposure to get bigger more lucrative gigs.  In the past year or so I commited myself to just saying “No, You Broke Motherfucker, I won’t be your slave” and move on.  Making that commitment allowed me to be able to get back to doing what I love and not hating it.  I am willing to pass up a bad gig even if it means going late on the rent in exchange for not having my blood sucked dry by broke clients.  So far the better gigs have come along in their place.

The videos I posted below was sent to me from a friend and client Ron who deals with this same thing on a corporate level.  They are created from the company xtranormal and utilize a pretty cool concept where you type a script and they turn your words into an animated movie.  The videos below focus on nightlife and are a pretty accurate depiction of what went on in my life on a weekly basis between 2006 – 2009.  I wish I had the balls to say what these characters are saying out loud.  ”$50 you Broke Motherfucker!”