Jun 10

XXXX magazine’s Surrealism issue launch party!

Hey kids.

So, I didn’t make it to both events like I planned.

However there was this hot magazine launch cocktail party for XXXX magazine’s second issue, “The Surreal Issue,”  featuring a video art screening at the Studio Cesarine in Soho.  It was a who’s who of past and present, young, hip fashion designers, fashion lovers and MOOODELS.  Former “Scrubs” star Zac Braff was also in attendance.

I got to go with freelance makeup artist Amber Morrow, my buddy Eunice, while meeting a new friend, photographer Mars Hall.


Guests were served free champagne and white wine. (Do I even need to mention that folks were well dressed?)

The magazine held a similar multimedia exhibition for artist Indira Cesarine for her Surrealism piece during New York Fashion Week this past winter. In lieu of the actual invite you had to RSVP for, here’s what this one looked like for an idea:

Check out more from the up-and-coming multimedia fashion and art publication here:  http://www.xxxxmagazine.com!

The space was cozy, with guests spilling out into the street to mingle.  Very informal and laid back.

I wasn't kidding when I said guests were spilling out into the street.

I would love to sit down and talk with Ms. Cesarine and find out what moves her. The video screening was incredible.There was this one frame of a guy in a plane white T with blood splashing over his head Stephen King style. Another was in slow motion of a girl’s fiery red hair blowing around her couture and impossible-to-describe garments.

Now, here are some pictures from the night. I ended up in the Meatpacking District later on, where me and friends got a fine view of the city from the rooftop of Hotel Gansevoort at Plunge Bar. (Yes, I’m aware this isn’t a fashion blog, but New York style is so diverse and SIICK that I have to show it here.)

Amber and Mars WERQIN' at Plunge NYC.

From left: Michael, Sandra and Jerome model individual styles and casual party looks

From left: Nadia Renak in Top Shop London and Rampage Head Designer Chong Cha in her own design.

Fashion model Sarah Parr in a vintage Levi's T-shirt, American Apparel skirt, and vintage cowboy boots.

And of course, yours truly. <3

Next up for me, a rock show/costume party with the band Unreported Crimes on Friday. Should be fun!

Peace, Love, Fashion